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Where can I find Amy?

truckAmy’s Garden is at farmers markets throughout Central Virginia. See Farmers Market schedules and locations.

Why local organic?

butterlyAvoiding harmful chemicals by eating all-organic is key to leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Read all about going organic.

About Us

Amy’s Garden has been growing and selling great organic produce, plants and cut flowers since 1995. What began as an ambitious backyard hobby garden quickly blossomed into a full time farming career for husband and wife team Amy Hicks & George Ferguson. With the help of seasonal employees they now grow an amazingly diverse selection of vegetables, small fruits and cut flowers on their organic farm in historic Charles City county, VA. The farm is also home to a small flock of laying hens, the occasional pig or two and one very cute beagle named Boogie. Amy’s Garden sells their USDA Certified Organic produce and flowers at local farmers markets in Richmond and Williamsburg and offers the only Certified Organic CSA option in the area.

How we grow

Amy’s Garden is a USDA Inspected Certified Organic farm; on our farm we never use herbicides, harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. As organic farmers, we strive to build soil life by utilizing compost, organic mulches and crop rotation, which help keep the land healthy and productive for future generations. We also plant cover crops which fix nitrogen, add organic matter to the soil and provide habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. This unique set of strategies allows the farm to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental goals.

Community-supported agriculture

What is a CSA?

leavesWant fresh vegetables, fruit and even flowers waiting for you each week? Learn how our CSA Garden Share works.

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Eli picking flowers for market.