rows of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers

Where can I find Amy?

truckAmy’s Garden is at farmers markets throughout Central Virginia. See Farmers Market schedules and locations.

Why local organic?

butterlyAvoiding harmful chemicals by eating all-organic is key to leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Read all about going organic.

CSA -- How we are different

Amy’s Garden is a USDA Inspected Certified Organic farm, so we never use herbicides, harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Produce is grown on soil that is responsibly nurtured using environmentally beneficial farming practices and hand-picked within 24 hours of delivery. So everything in your CSA bag is guaranteed to be chemical free and full of life! Everything in the bag is also grown by us, meaning you can be sure everything you receive has received the same conscientious Amy’s Garden treatment.

Besides all that -– our produce tastes great! We get rave reviews for the taste and quality of our fruit and vegetables. Amy’s Garden is also famous for growing heirloom and other unusual varieties, offering shareholders the opportunity to try new flavors and colors every week. By choosing Amy’s Garden USDA Certified Organic CSA you will learn about the seasonality of produce, become involved in a community of farmers and eaters committed to healthy food and a cleaner environment, and have the opportunity to truly connect with your food.

Community-supported agriculture

What is a CSA?

leavesWant fresh vegetables, fruit and even flowers waiting for you each week? Learn how our CSA Garden Share works.


A peek at our heirloom tomatoes.