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Where can I find Amy?

truckAmy’s Garden is at farmers markets throughout Central Virginia. See Farmers Market schedules and locations.

Why local organic?

butterlyAvoiding harmful chemicals by eating all-organic is key to leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Read all about going organic.

CSA Basics

What is a CSA Garden Share?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When participating in a CSA program, individuals buy into the farm at the start of the growing season and in exchange receive a share of the farm’s harvest each week throughout the season. The CSA concept allows the farmer to have working capital in the late winter and early spring when it is needed most and helps to guarantee a market for the produce the farmer will grow! The CSA members or “shareholders” receive a generous sampling of the farm’s harvest each week during the peak of the season in return for their investment. They have the opportunity to eat the freshest, tastiest, most nutritional certified organic produce available.

The CSA Experience! The Garden Share from Amy’s Garden

Reap the bounty of our organic harvest throughout the season! The Amy’s Garden CSA has been growing strong since 2003. Our Garden Share provides you weekly with a pre-packed bag of fresh, Certified Organic produce from mid-May through mid-August, then resuming for four additional weeks in mid-September through mid-October. Cost for the CSA is $550; for $700 you will also get a weekly bouquet of fresh-cut organic flowers from May-August. Pickup is available at a variety of locations, offering you the opportunity to chat with the farmers who grow your produce. By belonging to the CSA, members support organic farming practices that are healthful for people and the environment.


Community-supported agriculture

What is a CSA?

leavesWant fresh vegetables, fruit and even flowers waiting for you each week? Learn how our CSA Garden Share works.


We all look forward to the first French breakfast radishes of the year.