greens, tomatoes ands cucumbers

Where can I find Amy?

truckAmy’s Garden is at farmers markets throughout Central Virginia. See Farmers Market schedules and locations.

Why local organic?

butterlyAvoiding harmful chemicals by eating all-organic is key to leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Read all about going organic.

CSA -- What's in the bag

The share amount is appropriate for two people who love their veggies and eat a home most nights, or for a small family. The share begins in spring with kale, Swiss chard, mesclun salad mix, French breakfast radishes, new potatoes, arugula, beets, Chinese cabbages and strawberries. June brings the addition of squash, cucumbers and blackberries, followed by the best of summer in July and August -- tomatoes, eggplant, hardneck garlic, sweet peppers, edamame, green beans, melons and culinary herbs. September sees the return of greens and cool weather crops. Everything we grow goes into the CSA bag during the season, and CSA members often receive a portion of special crops that we grow only in limited quantities. Please remember your share will vary in size and content each week.

Here are some examples of what you may receive in your Garden Share bag!


  • May: strawberries, mesclun mix, radishes, baby pac choi, turnips, Tuscan kale
  • June: arugula, squash, baby pac choi, blackberries, baby beets, 2 lbs. new potatoes, red Russian kale


  • July: sungold cherry tomatoes, baby turnips, eggplant, 2+ lbs. tomatoes, edamame, basil, melons
  • August: okra, eggplant, a variety of heirloom tomatoes, sweet & hot peppers, basil, beans, garlic


  • September: eggplant, edamame, ripe sweet peppers, greens (kale/Swiss chard, mesclun mix etc.), beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes

Do you offer half shares?

We do not offer half shares. Some CSA members "share their Share" with a friend or neighbor when they feel the quantity may be too large. Either alternating weeks-thus each picking up a full Share every other week or dividing the Share contents between themselves each week.

Community-supported agriculture

What is a CSA?

leavesWant fresh vegetables, fruit and even flowers waiting for you each week? Learn how our CSA Garden Share works.

an amy's shpper with market bag

This shopper will enjoy one of our fresh, organic bouquets.